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Synthetic Turf Experts goal back in 2007 when starting one of the first artificial grass installation businesses in Dallas, Texas was to become a premier putting green design and build business. At the time there were four turf companies offering putting green installations in Dallas and our owner had been working for one of them installing tennis courts and backyard putting greens since 2004. We believed with the best turf suppliers and hard work we could become one of the top turf businesses in our DFW market. Here we are in 2017 and we have accomplished that goal of designing some amazing golf green installations and being apart of some of the best putting green projects that other turf brands now use as a cornerstone of their brands. This journey expanded beyond putting greens to include lawn turf, playground turf and dog turf, all three were nonexistent around Texas when we started installing putting greens.

Around 2008 the turf market was seeing growth for synthetic grass in Dallas as people were experiencing drought conditions and realizing the water saving capabilities of synthetic turf. At this time our Dallas Ft Worth market had a large number of commercial installations happening like the Texas Rangers rehab facility and many playground turf installations as people were seeing the benefits of artificial grass. Schools and day cares were looking at the amount of extra time they had to use the playground or other turf surfaces after it rained. Kids were able to use the playgrounds with artificial turf faster and stay cleaner after it rained. Synthetic Turf Experts installed playground safety turf all over Texas, up in Chicago and Minnesota, and Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Next up were pet owners and pet facilities. Back in 2009 the pet industry was a 40 billion dollar industry and they were always looking for new trends to support that growth. That's when we started getting calls for dog turf areas specifically designed for dogs like city shelters, doggie day cares and dog runs. At that time Scott Armstrong had designed a good dog turf system that drained well and helped keep the areas free from urine backing up in the base materials that we still use today. Years later our industry started using Zeolite and Zeofill to combat pet urine smells in artificial grass along with numerous drain mat and drain tile systems to help create the right installation process depending on the application.

When the City of Dallas imposed water restrictions in 2012 the DFW market saw the growth in artificial grass installations that the turf manufactures had been waiting for. Over the last five years the amount of synthetic grass installations has grown enough to accommodate turf specific supply houses much like electrical or irrigation warehouses. If you see truly green grass nowadays around DFW you have to ask if it's fake grass, chances are it is. If you're reading our website then you've seen the benefits of artificial grass somewhere and would like to enjoy a maintenance free lawn, upgrade a playground, keep your doggie clean or improve your golf game with a backyard putting green.

Call us and have one of our experienced representatives come show you some options for your home or office, 972.363.9889.